Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's Safe Word: Green Balloons!

Welcome to your new home for politics and safe words! We're here to provide you with useful safe words to help you through your day, should you find yourself in any sadomasochistic political debates.

We take our name from the brilliant Rod Jetton, the now-infamous former Missouri House Speaker cum political consultant; Jetton has been charged with assault, having beaten a woman in what seems to have begun as a night of consensual sadomasochistic sex. The safe word: Green Balloons!

We've chosen to honor Jetton not only because of his excellent way with words, but because of the wonderful irony of his violence. Take it away, Wikipedia!

In 2007, Jetton unintentionally voted for a rider to repeal Missouri's law banning gay sex. Jetton supported the ban and said he did not know about the rider. While Jetton acknowledged the ban was unenforceable because of the Supreme Court's Lawrence v. Texas ruling, he said, “Thanks to that deletion, it is now legal to engage in deviate sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex here in Missouri.”

Had Jetton only known the safe word, he wouldn't have accidentally voted for that rider. (Rider. Tee hee!)

So almost daily, I'll provide you with a new safe word, depending on what's going on politically. Use these safe words at your discretion.

Green Balloons!

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